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D Robinson and Son from Ballymena, Northern Ireland are wallpaper and painting specialists. The Northern Ireland painting and decorating team work on both large industrial projects and small scale domestic jobs.

Photo Credit: Sonia Belviso; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Sonia Belviso; Creative Commons

If you are repapering your home or business premises then home decor we have tips on what is hot in 2014.

1/ Archive Prints

These old prints have been unearthed and regenerated for a new era. These bold and beautiful patterns are perfect for a feature wall or a small space but keep the rest of the decoration simple.

2/ Geometrics

If you opt for a geometric print go for something which is monochrome and not something with too much colour. Make sure that you absolutely love the wallpaper which you choose because this mini trend could date quite quickly. Try to get a large sample which you can try in the space.

3/ Flowers

Floral print is massive but instead of small twee blooms go for bug oversized prints. Available in lots of colours and combinations this is a trend which might stick around for a while.

Whatever wallpaper you want you can trust D Robinson and Son to carry our a good job. Call David of D Robinson and Sons on 07713565104 for a chat to discuss you wallpapering and decorating needs.

Wallpaper – Decorating – Northern Ireland


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