Irelands only painters who offer the Ilumitex System

D Robinson and Sons are the only painters to go to for Ilumitex system. The Ilumitex paint system offers unique and attractive wall finishes which are perfect for commercial and business use and can be used in your home.

Here are some of the finishes which can be achieved using the Ilumitex system.

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The durability of this product makes it an attractive alternative to painted or wallpapered walls and can be used in various different situations including education, retail, medical, nightlife, domestic and also can be used as a flooring solution. D Robinson and Sons are Irelands only painters who can offer the Ilumitex System. Please get in touch for more information about D Robinson painting and decorating. Call us here at David Robinson and Son on 07713565104.

D Robinson and Son – Ilumitex System – Ireland

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